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What EAM/CMMS Systems are Companies Using?

Adanna Anyalachi | Marketing Intern, HubHead

Asset data management software is crucial for asset-intensive companies, as operations become increasingly digitized. Some of the heavily dependent industries on EAM software include manufacturing, construction, and oil & gas, to name a few. These same industries also constitute a significant portion of HubHead’s customer base.

Enterprise Asset Management software is the future for any and every asset-intensive business. Among HubHead’s customer base, we found SAP Plant Maintenance, SAP S4HANA PM, and IBM Maximo to be the most used asset management systems. This was followed by various other solutions such as eMaint, Infor EAM, Oracle EAM, and Oracle JDE, IFS, MP2, Nuvolo, Maintenance Connection, Asset Suite/PassPort, and many others.

Why do SAP PM and IBM Maximo seem to be so popular among asset-intensive organizations? That’s a good question. Both IBM Maximo and SAP PM are well-known asset data management solutions on the market. They both carry a diverse collection of features to assist companies in better asset management.

What do companies look for in an EAM system?

What do companies look for in an EAM system?

Regardless of what EAM system a company uses, asset-intensive organizations typically extract substantial value from implementing these solutions. Asset managers want to track asset KPIs and weave together many different functions such as work order and inventory management, reporting, and other maintenance activities.

One of the many important things to consider when searching for a new EAM system is versatility. While there are basic features an EAM or CMMS system should have, such as analytics, maintenance, scheduling, planning, reviewing, etc., every company has a unique business model. In addition to that, the needs of different departments or functions differ within large organizations. Therefore, your EAM system should be able to accommodate a diverse set of requirements.

Cloud computing is another important feature asset managers should keep an eye out for when looking for an EAM system. There are many benefits to a cloud-based solution, including increased security and easier maintenance. Storing your data on a cloud instead of a physical location allows for easier access because all that is required is a stable internet connection. Many cloud-based solutions also incorporate robust security tools to protect against cyber attacks.

EAM and CMMS systems are a significant part of ensuring efficient maintenance and reliability operations. NRX AssetHub has helped many companies across multiple industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, energy, and construction with migrating their data while prioritizing accuracy and efficiency. If you are curious about our solution and would like to learn more, please book a demo, and our team would be happy to assist you.

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Shayur Maharaj
2 years ago

Great piece Adanna! Maintenance is crucial but a lot of companies do not know what to look for, so I think the post is quite insightful. Personally I use a CMMS.

Kavina Kananesan
2 years ago
Reply to  Shayur Maharaj

Thank you Shayur! You should check out our website if you would like to learn more about the solutions we offer!

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