Success Factors for a World Class Operation

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

What are the key success factors for becoming a world class operation? Lots of people, especially executives, espouse becoming a world class operation. But what does that mean? How do we know if we are? More importantly, what are the key success factors for achieving world class performance?

In this podcast we will discuss some of the benchmarks for demonstrating world class performance, along with the key success factors – design, procurement, operations, maintenance and others working together to achieve a set of common goals. This will necessarily require leadership, alignment to a strategy, collaboration and partnerships, shop floor engagement, and measures that drive collaboration, including a combination of leading and lagging indicators.

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About the Author

Ron Moore Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT
  • Author of 1) Making Common Sense Common Practice; 2) What Tool? When? A Management Guide; 3) Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program?; 4) Business Fables & Foibles; 5) A Common Sense Approach to Defect Elimination; 6) Our Transplant Journey; and 70+ papers
  • Authority on strategies and practices for operational excellence
  • Clients in North & South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa,
  • Managing Partner of The RM Group, Inc. for 27 years
  • Prior to consulting – President of Computational Systems, Inc. (CSI)