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Definitions: Reactive, Preventive, Predictive, and Proactive Maintenance – CONNECT Conversations

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

There are likely as many definitions for various types of maintenance as there are companies. The purpose of this podcast is to offer definitions for each of the types indicated in the title, and to provide the reasoning behind each. This will include recommendations for applying each type.

For example, reactive is urgent or emergency; preventive is time based, either calendar or run-time; predictive is condition based, and proactive is root cause based. We’ll be discussing the details behind each, when and how to apply it and the percentages of each that will likely be optimal in most organizations. The purpose of this is not to change how you’re currently applying your definitions but to offers thoughts that will help you adapt and apply yours more effectively. For example, is corrective maintenance a PM or a Reactive task? It depends on its timing and we’ll discuss that. Is a monthly vibration check a PdM or a PM task? Likewise, we’ll discuss that, along with the operator’s role in doing PM and PdM tasks. Likewise for proactive tasks. We hope you enjoy this episode!


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Ron Moore Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT
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