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Episode 23: Carl Sullivan

Eric Bevevino | Contributing Host, Veterans Connected

Welcome to Episode 23 of VETERANS CONNECTED!

Welcome to VETERANS CONNECTED Season Two! Maintenance and reliability expert and military Veteran Eric Bevevino interviews E5 Sergeant, Carl Sullivan. Born and raised in Kentucky, Carl takes us through his unusual enlistment in the Kentucky Army National Guard that sparked the beginning of his military career. Eric and Carl discuss Carl’s personal inspiration for joining the National Guard, his connection to the Honor Flight Network, and his efforts to establish the innate value in veterans at Lexmark.

More about Carl…

Carl Sullivan is a Senior Portfolio Manager responsible for Lexmark’s Mono/Color 9xx product line. Carl is a veteran of the Ky Army National guard, is a leader in VALORR, Lexmark’s veteran diversity network group, and is currently the Vice President of Honor Flight Ky. Carl is a prolific inventor and is proud of his work on achieving the Freedom Award and Military Friendly designations for Lexmark.

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About the Author

Eric Bevevino Contributing Host, Veterans Connected

Eric Bevevino has spent his entire 27 year career in the business of heavy duty maintenance and reliability.  Born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania, Eric is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Honoring his ROTC scholarship commitment to the US Navy, Eric spent four years on active duty as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer with a Diving and Salvage specialty.  Following his stint on active duty, Eric entered the private sector by taking a position with Castrol Industrial.  This five years with Castrol was followed by eight years with Chevron Lubricants.  Looking to gain more perspective while using his solid foundation in maintenance from the Navy, Eric left Chevron to join a small reliability consulting firm in Connecticut.  Over the next five years he focused on preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, reliability centered maintenance and best practices in asset management.  This ultimately led him to his current position at Valvoline as the Senior Director of Channel Partner & Heavy Duty Sales, officed out of Valvoline World Headquarters in Lexington, KY.   In the 31 years after graduating from college, Eric has set foot in almost every type of commercial and industrial operation in over 10 countries around the world.  Eric is a married father of two, a retired Navy Reserve Commander, a Certified Lubrication Specialist, a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, and a Certified Reliability Leader.