Why Is It Important To Assess Pipework Vibration?

Simon Hirst | Asset Integrity Division Manager, AVT Reliability

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Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore
3 years ago

Vibration measurement is only an indicator, dynamic strain gauging (including the use of frictional strain gauges) is the most accurate measurement as you are assessing the stress cycles and hence fatigue directly. People also need to be aware that measurement is ineffective for transient conditions or those that are only present under certain flow rates (e.g. acoustic fatigue, dead leg pulsations, fast acting valve operation etc). This is the major benefit of adopting the complete EI guideline approach where phase 1 is to identify the sources of excitation, phase 2 is to identify the likelihood of mainline excitation and then… Read more »

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Simon Hirst Asset Integrity Division Manager, AVT Reliability

Simon is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in engineering. Started working for AVT approximately 14 years ago in what was called the Special Projects division before it was renamed more recently the Asset Integrity Division.

Working in a small team we undertake a wide range of engineering projects and investigations relating to static equipment and structures to include testing, data analysis and design. Although, now managing the division he inspires those who he has meet me with the satisfaction of solving engineering problems and the fulfilment of being an Engineer.