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RCM Graphs and P-F Interval Graphs – Are they useful?

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

RCM graphs and P-F interval graphs, of one form or another are often cited as the basis for an effective maintenance and reliability program.  But are they useful?


In this podcast we’ll explore the use of these representations and how they can be used tactically and strategically to better manage an industrial operation.  For example, some 90% of industrial equipment has, during the course of its life, a random failure pattern associated with it.  How do we manage this?  We’ll discuss this.  How long is the infant mortality period?  It depends.  We’ll discuss this.  Is the bathtub curve useful?  Likewise, we discuss this and other issues around the concepts associated with RCM and the P-F interval.  More importantly, we discuss the necessity of being proactive – eliminating the defects that create the failure to improve process and equipment reliability.


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