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How to Transform Data into Insights

Pieter Van Camp | Customer Care Officer, I-Care Group

The transition to predictive maintenance becomes difficult if you are not able to generate and collect the right data. You need to be able to not only collect data, but to also analyze and visualize the data in a dashboard, so you can act on it right away.

In the world of predictive maintenance, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), AI (Augmented Intelligence) and Machine Learning hold the key to accessing real time results and big data. To become a more data-driven organization, you need to enable virtual tracking of capital assets, processes, resources and products. The result will be a significant reduction of maintenance costs. On top, with the right maintenance strategy, you can reduce downtime by up to 30%.

From Data to Insights

Interpreting data can be done with several goals in mind:

  1. Maintenance updates

Predictive maintenance gives you insights to when a particular asset needs maintenance. It ensures machines are taken for maintenance before they fail, resulting in a minimal loss of production. By using maintenance software, your entire organization can also see which assets are being prepared at any specific time.

  1. Long term insights

Another big advantage of using a wireless monitoring solution is that real time data, IoT sensors and historical data can be deployed. Thanks to an automated and smart solution, the switch to proactive working will be an easy one. Long-term data gives you in-depth information about the health of your assets and typical (technical) problems that often occur. All this information, gathered over a long period of time, can be used to optimize your machinery for the future.

Data Interpretation Made Effortless with Wi-care

Wi-care as a service is a new OPEX-based delivery model that makes it easier for many companies to implement their Industry 4.0 strategy. This model not only removes many obstacles during the transition to a wireless monitoring solution, but it also includes a full package of essential components to build a more data-driven organization.

We help you select the optimal data acquisition technology for your specific use, our domain experts convert your data into actionable information and you update your KPIs through our integrated and cloud-based visualization platform I-see™. This web platform integrates various predictive maintenance solutions that enables you to make a clear and targeted diagnosis (both short term and long term) of your production assets.

Plug and Play

The combination of Wi-care and I-see™ offers you a user-friendly plug and play solution that can be installed without complicated software or installing updates. All you have to do is plug the Wi-care sensors into your assets and open I-see™ on your smartphone or other device. You will find all available data in a clear dashboard, from which you can easily start visualizing and analyzing.

Let’s plan your next step in your Industry 4.0 strategy and beyond! Discover the many benefits of our advanced IoT technology and services to improve your business.

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About the Author

Pieter Van Camp Customer Care Officer, I-Care Group

Pieter excels in advising companies in their digital transformation to maintenance 4.0 without losing sight of the technical needs to make this transformation a success. He is very enthusiastic about the fact that the reliability engineer meets the data scientist at accelerated pace. In his role within I-care group he guides innovations to full market potential taking in account not only the technical aspects of a maintenance 4.0 solution but also the human, systematic and organizational changes that come with it.

Pieter has been active in the world of maintenance and reliability for over twenty years and has always been a frontrunner when it comes to business transformation, digitization and industry 4.0. With his extensive experience in this area, he knows how to enthuse, convince and include people in his story.

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