How Important is a Bill of Materials?

Adanna Anyalachi | Marketing Intern, HubHead

Finding the right materials in your EAM system can seem like an uphill battle for maintenance planners working at asset-intensive companies.

It could be because of misnamed materials or confusing duplicates, which can pose a significant challenge and delay maintenance procedures.

The previous blog briefly touched on the benefits associated with building BoMs. In this blog, we are going to explore those benefits in depth. The key to effective asset and maintenance data management is accuracy. An EAM system can only do so much with poor quality data and the same applies to BoMs. BoMs can provide accurate material information in real time to ensure all parts are stocked and identifies which parts are needed to complete work orders. Using the visual parts selection in NRX AssetHub makes it much easier to avoid errors when selecting parts for a work order. If you are a maintenance planner creating comprehensive and effective work orders with parts selected from BoMs will make your job much easier. BoMs connect parts to equipment in an EAM system, making it easy for you to access information and select the correct parts.

If you are a maintenance personnel working without BoMs, you are likely frustrated by the amount of time you are spending digging through your system looking for the right spare part. It’s like looking for that one thing you really need, but just can’t seem to find it. All of a sudden it pops out of nowhere when you don’t need it. Since BoMs are connected to the equipment in the EAM system, downtime is reduced because the existing BoM is already available for your reference. This increases wrench time for maintenance personnel because the process of finding information has been accelerated.

Sometimes when the original part becomes too much of a challenge to locate, a duplicate is created and you end up with a system clogged with unnecessary duplicates. BoMs make this information easily accessible and identical equipment carry the same BoM. Therefore, the use of BoMs also reduces the chances of duplications.

In previous blogs, we have never shied away from the cruciality of planning and scheduling with asset data management. With critical information being more accessible to maintenance teams, delays in planning and scheduling are reduced.

Reduce, Reuse, Create

The NRX AssetHub solution will enable your company to reap all the benefits associated with BoMs. Our software is highly visual, making it very easy to identify and select the right parts. The main takeaway is that BoMs reduce inefficiencies, can be reused for identical equipment, and help create efficient and effective maintenance routines. If you are curious about how we can help, please book a demo, and our team would be happy to help!

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