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For Maximum ROI, Check the IIoT Hardware Installation

Dries Van Loon | VP of Customer Success, NanoPrecise
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About the Author

Dries Van Loon VP of Customer Success, NanoPrecise

Dries holds an Electro-Mechanical engineering degree with specialization in maintenance, from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He has 10 years of experience in Predictive Maintenance
Dries started his working career at a predictive maintenance company actively using all existing predictive technologies throughout various different industries. After a couple years, he joined PRUFTECNIK Benelux as an application engineer getting involved in high-end troubleshooting using on and offline vibration measurements. Soon he was made responsible for all online condition monitoring projects, from initial design through installation and monitoring. Beginning 2014 he moved to the US office of PRUFTECHNIK (now Fluke) to setup a condition monitoring department to serve the US market on all CM related topics, including proactive maintenance, remote (temporary) monitoring, trouble shooting and torque measurements. In 2017 Dries had the opportunity to participate in the ISO CAT 4 Vibration class and passed the exam, becoming one of the youngest CAT 4 analyst at that time.

Since the beginning of 2021, Dries has joined NanoPrecise a Start-up with a unique end to end wireless condition monitoring solution, as the VP of Customer Success he is responsible for all customer success as well as product roadmap.