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Expectations, Execution and Engagement – Essential – CONNECT Conversations

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

It’s been our experience that the lowest standard you set is the highest standard you can expect. As such, your expectations (standards) should be fairly high, but achievable. It does little good to set expectations too low – too easy, or too high – assuring failure. In this podcast, we’ll discuss setting expectations, execution of those expectations, e.g. providing the right tools, time, training and development, and measures thereto, and finally, a process for engaging the workforce in meeting expectations, e.g., structured improvement time, management by walking around, and determining the right mix for teams to address these issues.


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Ron Moore Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT
  • Author of 1) Making Common Sense Common Practice; 2) What Tool? When? A Management Guide; 3) Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program?; 4) Business Fables & Foibles; 5) A Common Sense Approach to Defect Elimination; 6) Our Transplant Journey; and 70+ papers
  • Authority on strategies and practices for operational excellence
  • Clients in North & South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa,
  • Managing Partner of The RM Group, Inc. for 27 years
  • Prior to consulting – President of Computational Systems, Inc. (CSI)