Driving Electrical Reliability in 2022: Building a Business Case for Data Driven Asset Management

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When it comes to big-ticket items, power transformers are at the top of the list. When they fail prematurely, it can be all the more painful, with damages often far exceeding the cost of replacement.  Online monitoring of transformers is critical to any successful asset management strategy, providing early fault detection and diagnoses that allow asset managers to make strategic decisions on asset health.

We are delighted to announce a joint webinar session featuring the in-house experts from SDMyers and Camlin Energy. The 1-hour session, chaired by Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA) founder Alan Ross, will focus on best practices for integrating transformer monitoring into your asset management strategy and will cover the following topics.

 Choosing a monitoring solution

  1. What should I monitor and why?
  2. Critical assets versus non-critical assets
  3. 1-, 5-, or 9-gas monitors—which to select and why?

 Developing a business case for monitoring

  1. How do I justify investment?
  2. Risk management profiles
  3. Sustainability of monitoring


Wesley Suplit, SDMyers

At SDMyers, Wesley Suplit is responsible for transforming ideas into extraordinary products, services and customer experiences related to improving the reliability of electrical equipment and decreasing failure modes. Prior to SDMyers, he earned a degree in Finance from Grove City College and had a career in M&A advisory services and sales.

Jon Karas, SDMyers

Jon Karas leads the SDMyers analytical laboratory that tests tens of thousands of samples every year. He has established himself as an expert in the field of dissolved gas analysis interpretation, delivering a number of training seminars on this topic for individuals seeking to learn more about the value of this testing.

Terence Carmichael, Camlin Energy

Terry Carmichael has extensive experience in both circuit breaker test equipment and transformer monitoring equipment. At Camlin Energy, he is responsible for working with key accounts to drive maximum value from asset monitoring technology, playing a critical role in the development of new products and services for the utility market.

Patrick Donnelly, Camlin Energy

With more than 15 years of experience working with global utilities to integrate asset monitoring technologies, Patrick Donnelly has managed the installation, commissioning, and service of Camlin’s Total Transformer Monitoring Solutions for the company’s global customer base. He now works closely with key customers in all areas post installation, maximizing quality standards and driving customer satisfaction.

Panel Moderated by Alan Ross, Electric Power Reliability Alliance

As EPRA President, Alan Ross is responsible for leading the alliance to build electric system reliability in the industrial and commercial marketplace. He often presents at industry conferences, has authored numerous trade publication articles on electric power reliability, has written two books (Unconditional Excellence and Beyond World Class), and is currently the Editor in Chief of Transformer Technology Magazine.

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The ongoing partnership between SDMyers and Camlin affords utility-grade transformer monitoring equipment and services to industrial North America. With decades of expertise in transformer management and monitoring respectively, the partnership leverages the knowledge, data, and analytical precision needed to maximize the reliable life of transformers. SDMyers and Camlin provide transformer owners with the technology and service they require to modernize their transformer fleet, prepare for a connected future, and harvest the data they need to make critical reliability decisions.