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Visualizing Phase Using Motion Amplification Motion Vectors

Chris Wills | Director of Training, RDI Technologies
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Pinak Vadher
Pinak Vadher
2 years ago

What was the problem diagnosed in this case?

About the Author

Chris Wills Director of Training, RDI Technologies

As the Director of Training for RDI Technologies, Chris is devoted to making sure that RDI’s customers leave training with a deep understanding of how to integrate products powered by Motion Amplification into their current processes so that they can make the most of RDI’s exciting technologies. Chris is a Category IV vibration analyst with over 20 years of vibration analysis experience. He also has 10 years of training experience with Emerson, where, as a senior instructor, he taught advanced vibration analysis, field balancing, alignment, and software classes. He was also instrumental in creating Emerson’s ISO-compliant vibration analysis certification program. Chris also served in the United States Marine Corps where he was honorably discharged in 1989.