Reliability Engineering Terms- Data Collection and Analysis

What is Reliability Data Collection and Analysis?

Data collection and analysis facilitates an understanding of field operational use profiles and environmental stress data and is critical for ensuring design/process robustness. Collection and analysis of failure data to root failure cause identification and mitigation is critical to ensure product/process reliability growth and success over its life cycle.

What’s the Payoff?

Trends from data analyses identify areas of a design or process that are candidates for improvement, point to part/process problems, and can help with maintenance planning. Resulting corrective actions provide a means to better satisfy customers and to reduce warranty and life cycle costs.

How Can Quanterion Solutions Help?

  • Perform an independent review of your current data collection/analysis program
  • Collect and analyze operational use profile and environmental stress data
  • Provide objective analysis of your product/process data, recommend corrective actions and verify their effectiveness
  • Help you develop an effective data program that can be used as an optimized decision tool
  • Develop customized database solutions to solve unique data collection and analysis requirements
  • Automate your data activities, from facilitating remote web-based data input to automated analysis routines and graphical management output for decision-making
  • Analyze data for you that you already collected
  • And more


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