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Myths and Pitfalls of Planning & Scheduling – CONNECT Conversations

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

In this podcast, we’ll be considering the various myths and pitfalls of applying a CMMS to assure excellence is planning and scheduling. Many would assume that IF in the process of installing a CMMS you complete the following:

• A complete asset registry (w/mfg. model no., serial number, etc.)

• A complete criticality analysis

• PMs and maintenance plans loaded

• Calibration plans loaded

• OEM manuals, drawings, wiring diagrams, etc, & bill of materials loaded

• CMMS linked it to stores, spare parts

• CMMS Linked to cost accounting

• A prioritization process for work requests and work orders

Then life will be good and everyone will be happy. The first pitfall is that many of these are not done well, if at all. But, if you did, would life be good and everyone happy. Probably not.

We’ll be reviewing the various pitfalls and myths associated with effectively installing a CMMS. For example, if the total number of defects coming into the process on a daily basis overwhelm your ability to effectively plan and schedule, the system will fail. We’ll review the importance of defect elimination, especially upstream of maintenance in operations and design, the importance of have a proper PM program, a proper condition monitoring program, the importance of integrating the production plan and the maintenance plan into a single plan, among other issues.


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Ron Moore Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT
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