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Ensuring Essential Skills Are Not Lost When Your Senior Employees Retire

Karl Hoffower | Director, Failure Prevention Associates
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About the Author

Karl Hoffower Director, Failure Prevention Associates

Dr. Hoffower is the former chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for a Medical Group in Silicon Valley CA. After 18 years of practice, with healthcare being the unhealthy business that is it. Dr. Hoffower sought a new challenge and area where his diagnostic skills could be better utilized. Condition-based Monitoring (CBM), Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Reliability Centered Maintenance Solutions (RCM) are essentially when a Doctor evaluates patients using diagnostics tests to render an opinion on how to better manage the patient, their life and the lives of others within a plant. Now with over a decade of experience implementing and managing teams of trained and certified analysts for onsite CBM/PdM programs, PdM tool and system sales. Dr. Hoffower directs several teams within Failure Prevention Associates on skills gap assessments, process improvement programs, reliability consulting, certification trainings and PdM solution implementations. Largest impact thus far was helping a wood products company avoid over $110MM in downtime losses while retaining over 2,400 American jobs by reducing unplanned downtime and turning sites into profit centers. Keynote speaker at 2019 Smart Diagnostics (IOT) Summit and 2016 Gas Compressor conference, Presenter/Speaker at: Maximo World, The Reliability Conference (TRC), International Maintenance Conference (IMC), Reliability 2.0, Vibe Institute, TAPPI, Reliable Plant. SMRP MaRS and the Vibration Institute.

Certifications: Vibration Analyst, Ultrasound Inspector, Motor Circuit Testing, Infrared/Thermal Imaging and Certified Reliability Leader (CRL).