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Advantages of the Infravision-Application for Your Business

Chris Kramer | Corporate Customer Care Manager, I-care

In many cases, electrical safety does not yet receive the attention it deserves. Most factories work with some kind of control, but this does not provide the desired data to ensure a high level inspection. In addition, working methods and the associated output can vary quite a bit per location. Especially if a company has several branches, spread over more than one country. 

Electrical safety can only be guaranteed with reliable thermographic research and a uniform working method. I-care’s Infravision-application offers the perfect solution for this (often complex) challenge.

What does the Infravision application do?

The Infravision application allows us to map the conditions of all electrical installations within factories. When using the application, it becomes clear where our thermographic cameras detect heat increases within electrical installations, even before these temperatures assume dangerous values.

Advantages of the Infravision application

Safety and insight

The most obvious advantage of the Infravision-application is, of course, safety. Fire risks in industries such as the food, (petro)chemical or steel industry are significantly reduced by thorough thermographic research. The Infravision-application helps us to collect data and visualize the data in an integrated KPI dashboard within the thermography app. This provides clear insight into deviations and error types per location, where, for example, unbalanced load or overload occurs, whether connections are poor or machinery is of reduced quality, if electrical cabinets are handled correctly and so on. In addition to the thermographic inspection the application also provides the possibility to check the installation for visual defects which can be a risk with regards to fire. For example, loose wiring or paper laying around in the cabinet.

Remote controlling with real-time statistics

The thermography app has a feedback function and is always kept up-to-date, making remote controlling and monitoring a breeze. In addition, the online I-See platform provides all statistics about visual and thermographic checks. Follow-up of notifications and progress between different inspections can be tracked in the app. I-See is the ideal platform for tech and risk managers to quickly gather all the real-time information they need to do their job.

Easier insurance at an attractive premium
In some sectors, such as the food industry, it’s getting more complicated every day to take out fire insurance at a reasonable coverage and premium. Insurers, partly due to incidents from the past, simply consider the risks too high. The Infravision-application together with high I-care standards provides the insight and data needed to be able to take out a good insurance.

Readily available data for environmental authorities
Almost all sectors of industry have to deal with environmental authorities and related rules. In order to meet the requirements, being able to collect the right data is essential. The Infravision-application plays a significant role in providing this.

Dashboard of the App

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