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What Is A Reliable Asset?

Frederic Baudart | Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Accruent

When leadership asks if an asset is reliable, they aren’t just asking if the machine is running. Reliable assets combine performance and uptime metrics to ascertain asset availability and reliability. Improving asset reliability can be achieved using a condition-based maintenance (CBM) program, also known as a condition monitoring strategy.

When teams have a CBM program, they use asset health, performance, and current status to determine actions. Teams can attend to the most critical assets more promptly when regular maintenance tasks are based on asset condition, rather than a calendar. Using condition monitoring measurements enables teams to prioritize work efforts more efficiently and effectively.

When implementing an asset reliability program, it’s best to choose a solution that connect teams, data, and systems. This will enable seamless integration of data, increased visibility to maintenance and reliability professionals, and provides more efficient and actionable metrics concerning asset health.

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About the Author

Frederic Baudart Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Accruent

Frederic is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Accruent. He has 20 years’ experience in field service engineering work and preventive maintenance industry. He has held various field services and technical positions with responsibility for installation & commissioning as well as services management roles. Baudart is often a presenter at many trade shows and conferences and has written many technical articles and case studies for global trade publications. He is also a Thermal/Infrared Thermography Level I certified and recently obtained his Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) certification. Baudart holds technical degrees in electrical and instrumentation engineering from technical college in Brussels, Belgium.