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The Industry 4.0 Roadmap and How I-care’s Approach Is Different

Tom Rombouts | Sr. Reliability Consultant, I-care Group

Industry 4.0 is what organizations are all striving for, but it’s not something that can be fixed overnight. To achieve sustainable results, a long-term mindset is needed. It is therefore essential to choose a strategic approach taken in stages. And, of course, the right partner to help you guide all facets of your organization through this major transition.

I-care’s Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Every industrial organization is unique, also in terms of Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance. By helping you identify the next steps to improved uptime, increased customer satisfaction, and lower maintenance costs, you will gain a clearer sense of direction on what needs to be done to get there.

This begins by evaluating your current situation and identifying the possibilities, followed by generating and collecting all of the data. The data is then visualized and used to create an action plan resulting in a complete roadmap to Industry 4.0.

Maintenance 4.0

By focusing on your level of readiness, we are able to point out why some companies are having success with Industry 4.0 and why others need help. Major industrial enterprises often have special teams dealing with data analysis who are not accustomed to supporting data-driven improvements in reliability.
I-care’s approach also specializes on what we call “Maintenance 4.0” where we measure relevant data such as vibrations. Because we have been doing this since 2004, we can add historical data to our live data streams and forecasting models. Even large enterprises usually do not have the capacity or in-house expertise to use this data to achieve Maintenance 4.0.

Extensive knowledge

A wide range of expertise is needed to carry out the complete roadmap. This involves much more than knowledge of business assets, industries, programming, databases and how to link all of those together. I-care has a background in reliability consulting and guiding companies to their Industry 4.0 objectives. Leveraging this expertise allows our customers to take full advantage of the potential offered by the Industry 4.0 approach. If the output of the Industry 4.0 technology is not leading to accurate and qualitative interventions, it is failing to deliver. That’s why it’s essential to combine the increased technological complexity with an increase in organizational efficiency.

Our wide range of skills, together with our Roadmap and Maintenance 4.0 approach, is what sets us apart in the world of Industry 4.0. Plan your next step towards Industry 4.0 together with I-care!

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About the Author

Tom Rombouts Sr. Reliability Consultant, I-care Group

Tom devotes his career entirely to maintenance organisations: production and project planning, process & reliability engineering, work preparation and revision coordination, quality management, QA and quality monitoring of critical spare parts, automation and data innovation. Since 2017 Tom is Reliability consultant and certified trainer/coach at I-care. With his extensive knowledge he also guides several industrial players in their maintenance planning, FMEA and data innovation projects.