Strategies for Leading a Global Corporate COE on Reliability and Maintenance Improvement- CONNECT Conversations

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

Tim Goshert joins Doug Plucknette and Ron Moore to discuss strategies to lead a global corporate reliability and maintenance improvement effort. We will discuss Tim’s Top Ten List of learnings in leading Cargill’s Global Center of Excellence.  The discussion will focus on the high priority activities to move the organization’s culture for a reactive to proactive environment.

These Learnings are:

  1. Create Vision for the Future
  2. Business Case Matters
  3. Reliability Education is crucial
  4. Focus on making Assets healthy
  5. Build Allies
  6. Core Competency
  7. SMRP
  8. Keep Score in a fair standardized manner
  9. Flexible implementation plans
  10. Persistence

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Ron Moore Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT
  • Author of 1) Making Common Sense Common Practice; 2) What Tool? When? A Management Guide; 3) Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program?; 4) Business Fables & Foibles; 5) A Common Sense Approach to Defect Elimination; 6) Our Transplant Journey; and 70+ papers
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