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New Torsional Vibration Analysis Method


Torsional Vibration Measurement has been a challenge for vibration analysts for many years. New wireless technologies open a door to this previously unknown world, stay with us to see a new application of these technologies.

Torsional vibration occurs when the rotating element s subjected to unequal loads during its operation. Common examples are reciprocating compressors and internal combustion engines. Learn More

Mirror Technique in Vibration Analysis

The Looking Glass Technique in vibrational analysis is a unique and ground breaking method for torsional analysis. This technique describes the computer process through which microscopic movements are detected in conventional video recordings.It is a vibration analysis method that uses a micro-motion tracking algorithm in a video file. It is used today to detect and measure vibrations from thousands of points simultaneously with just a video recording. Read more…


Wireless Sensor Security…Critically Importantong>COVID has changed the way businesses operate. Social distancing and health and safety requirements for manufacturing organizations as well as utilities and others have become more stringent to insure the safety of staff and customers. This has in many cases required less staff onsite, and much more remote work. Learn more about wireless sensor security and why it is vitally important to your organization.