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BQR is proud to announce publication of the IEC Technical Report (IEC TR 63238-1:2019)


BQR is proud to announce the publication of the IEC Technical Report (IEC TR 63238-1:2019) which was led and standardized by Mr. Yizhak Bot, the founder and CTO of BQR.

The New IEC Standard (IEC TR 63238-1:2019): Electrical signal properties, naming conventions and interface control document for the design of electronics for avionics.

One of the most PCB Spec issues is to define precisely the signals on connectors, and that brings every engineer to describe a signal differently.
When we need to simulate or to build ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) for those signals, the signal definition is not standardized and unclear. Furthermore, many system-level failures occur because of a mismatch between two PCBs signals, which were defined by different engineers in different organizations.

The challenge is to create one language among the engineering community. This led Mr. Bot to developed the new standard for signals, which is required for large projects when many PCBs should be connected with each other to function correctly.

This new ICD standard will also help eliminate design errors causing No failure Found (NFF) in electronic systems.

“IEC TR 63238-1:2019 provides information and a template to create an interface control document (ICD) for any project which includes electronic assemblies, such as electronic circuit card assemblies (CCAs) or electronic devices, connected together. This document proposes electrical signal naming conventions when interfacing electronic assemblies, and an example containing seven signal naming conventions is included. This document supports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the preparation and maintenance of their electronic assemblies’ interfaces and integration specifications to avoid misunderstanding of signals which can cause unnecessary design and/or integration errors and testing complications.”

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