Power Quality, Safety and Reliability: The Roadmap

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Much of the literature on the link between Power quality, reliability and safety, especially that written by Ron Moore, shows that the more reliable a plant or facility is, the safer it is. But how about power quality? Does that impact both reliability and safety? This presentation will present the unique connection between power quality and reliability and reliability and safety from a professional reliability engineering perspective. When asked, “who is responsible for safety?”, most organizations have done a great job of having the consensus answer be “Everyone.” This webinar as part of the WOW series will define the linkage between safety and reliability, so organizations of the future will encourage their members to answer the question “who is responsible for reliability and power quality?”, in the same way: “Everyone”.

About the Presenter

Alan Ross is the President of the Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA). He is responsible for leading the alliance to build electric system reliability in the industrial and commercial marketplace. He often presents at industry conferences and has authored several trade publication articles on electric power reliability and has written two books: Unconditional Excellence and Beyond World Class, and is currently the Editor in Chief of Transformer Technology Magazine. He completed his undergraduate work in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and MBA in Marketing from Georgia State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Alan is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), member of the IEEE Reliability and Power Energy Societies and Chair of the Smart Grid Reliability Alliance.

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About the Author

Alan Ross President, Electric Power Reliability Alliance EPRA