Logistics Is Key to Restoring Uptime in Heavy Industries

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Large scale infrastructure projects that rely on heavy machinery are sensitive to downtime. When heavy equipment needs a part replaced, every minute counts. Managing parts availability and flight schedules for a maintenance part or repair and return can be a tough logistics challenge. Coordinating between dealers and distribution facilities and ensuring accurate communication requires a trusted logistics partner.

If you are shipping heavy equipment for a construction job, you need permits and specialized transport hardware. Heavy and oversized loads often require both. In the United States, heavy equipment shipping regulations vary depending on the state, but there are some limits to be aware of. Generally, if your freight exceeds 8.5 feet wide it is considered oversize and will require a permit. Depending on mode, your maximum freight height is between 12.5 and 14.5 feet.

With an experienced freight forwarder, you can also utilize multiple modes to avoid these and other restrictions. A quality transportation partner gives you access to industry-specific heavy equipment specialists who work with you every step of the way, and provide options for any contingency. Whether your company is shipping heavy equipment or replacement parts, our logistics experts will provide time and price options. Find the best value for your freight, and ensure it gets to the right place at the right time at the best available rate.

Common industries that regularly ship heavy machinery or vehicles include construction, agriculture, and mining. Each of these industries has unique requirements and a specialized operator will help navigate the regulations and physical logistics of transporting your equipment.

Making a Plan for your Next Heavy Equipment or Parts Move

Unexpected shutdowns and even planned maintenance can generate significant costs when your supply chain isn’t adequately prepared. Risk averse shipping managers rely on uptime logistics professionals to ensure a smooth and painless turnaround or maintenance period. By pre-planning for every contingency these logistics specialists monitor the process from start to finish and communicate with the correct decision-makers on your team. Designed for efficiency, a turnaround plan will minimize downtime and save you money.

Heavy equipment and replacement part shipping is a daily logistics challenge for industrial shipping managers. If you are a shipping manager for heavy industries and want to improve the efficiency of your operation, an uptime professional can help you get started. Keep in mind, there are a variety of solutions and getting in contact with an industry focused uptime professional will give you a more complete picture of what uptime logistics can do for your company.

A quality logistics partner understands the complexities and requirements of these projects through decades of experience in successfully supporting refineries through customized transportation solutions. They provide you with alternatives to the limits found with UPS & FedEx. Simply put, a reliability-focused and industry-experienced freight forwarder is more dependable and reliable than the competition working on shipping the same commodities in bulk, and only during bankers’ hours. When you choose to partner with the right provider, you have access to experts offering you multiple solutions from LTL to charters – even at night during after-hours and on weekends. 

Make sure you have access to a dedicated operator all day, everyday. They will need to keep you up to date with all your communication, safety, and transportation requirements. The planning process should also include a debrief session after any outage, to ensure any new insights are incorporated into future turnarounds or maintenance projects. Choose a quality logistics partner with a reputation for reliability, and your business’ bottom line will reflect the improvement in hitting project schedules and maintaining operational uptime.


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