Introducing: AssetWatch, Formerly Known as Nikola Labs

Jaidev Krishnan | VP, Condition Monitoring, AssetWatch

Today, Will Zell and Jaidev Krishnan sit down to introduce AssetWatch, formerly known as Nikola Labs. Nikola Labs started out as a company that was focused on wireless power transfers. Now, as AssetWatch, they attack the problem of unplanned downtime, and eliminate it forever. What makes AssetWatch different is their ability to take data and transform it into something that users can understand. Tune in to watch the full interview and gain some insight into AssetWatch and their mission.

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About the Author

Jaidev Krishnan VP, Condition Monitoring, AssetWatch

Jaidev Krishnan has been working with Nikola Labs since 2019, along with the launch of their end-to-end online vibration analysis service.

He now leads a team of condition monitoring engineers that provide in-depth prescriptive alerts to over 400 facilities on stationary rotating assets across the United States.

He is also responsible for evaluating and adding various condition monitoring techniques to the AssetWatch platform across the P-F curve and eliminating unplanned downtime. Prior to joining Nikola Labs, Jaidev worked with Saint-Gobain Abrasives as an OEM Manager and Sr. Application Engineer for over 5 years.

His work with Saint-Gobain was multi-disciplinary including utilizing power and vibration analysis to bring a data-driven approach to problem solving in the manufacturing Industry. He received a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (India) and an Masters in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.