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How Oil Analysis Speaks Louder than Vibration

Roy Giorgio | Lubrication Program Manager, AssetWatch
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About the Author

Roy Giorgio Lubrication Program Manager, AssetWatch

Over the past 20 years, Roy has helped companies extend the life cycle and increase the reliable use of industrial equipment across diverse industries from mining to food processing.

Understanding and implementing future trends of technology has been Roy’s passion for the past three decades.  Roy’s ability to help global organizations such as Cummins, Mobil, Chevron, Sony and Komatsu to unlock the potential of new and emerging technologies has led to outstanding synergies.

After majoring in Mass Communications at Western Kentucky University, Roy began his career as a technical operational leader in several broadcast facilities in the United States. Roy was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Engineering Achievement for developing software that increased the productivity and set a national standard for closed captioning of broadcast material.

Roy holds several certifications such as CLS, OMA I, MLT I, MLA II from the STLE and the ICML.

Roy holds a private pilot’s license and has served as a Unit Commander for the Air Force Auxiliary where he participated in search and rescue operations as well as national disaster relief.