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Reliability Engineering Training


Location: ONLINE

Reliability engineering is an engineering discipline to apply scientific know-how to a product, component, or process. This is done to ensure that it performs without failing and performs for the required period in specified conditions. Reliability engineering focuses on failure costs due to system downtime comprising spare parts cost, equipment repair, overhaul, and warranty. This Reliability Engineering Training is intentionally structured to equip delegates with a knowledge of reliability engineering and its applications.

The Knowledge Academy’s Reliability Engineering Training will introduce delegates to the essential concepts of reliability engineering. The purpose of each module is to provide knowledge about reliability engineering to delegates. Delegates will learn about the basic tasks and rules for quality and reliability assurance of complex equipment and systems. They will get an understanding of failure modes, mechanisms, and analysis of the electronic component.

During this 1-day course, delegates will gain knowledge of design guidelines for reliability, maintainability, and software quality. They will learn about statistical reliability test and statistical maintainability test. In addition, delegates will also become familiarised with statistical analysis of general reliability data. Post completion of this training, delegates will learn how to test and screen electronic components and strategies.