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Episode 34: Howard Penrose

Doug Plucknette | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

Welcome to Episode 34 of The Leadership Connection! On today’s episode…

The Leadership Connection Host, Doug Plucknette, interviews reliability leader Howard Penrose. Howard is the president of MotorDoc LLC, a Veteran Owned Small Business, and 2017-18 Chair of the Society for Maintenance Professionals (SMRP).

More about Howard…

Howard performs reliability and maintenance consulting, program development, industrial assessments, motor management consulting, machine forensics, motor diagnostics training, technical web development, and technical/business publishing. Specialties include motor diagnostics, training, electrical insulation systems, hybrid vehicle machine development, wind turbine forensics, industrial and commercial applications.

Business consulting includes contracted management, program management and strategic planning.

Managing Partner: 2XL Powerlifting LLC

Specialties: Engineering, Electrical Reliability, Management, Business Consulting, Reliability, Maintenance, Asset Management, Professional Speaking, Energy, Environment, Publishing, Marketing, Editing, Powerlifting, reliability engineering, equipment reliability, root cause analysis, FMEA, RCM, maintenance strategy, predictive maintenance, criticality, system reliability, machinery, maintenance engineering, personal training, strength training

We hope you enjoy this episode!

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About the Author

Doug Plucknette Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

Doug Plucknette has been in the Field of Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability for 38 years. In 1999 he founded Reliability Solutions Inc. As the founder of RCM Blitz™ and author of the book Reliability Centered Maintenance using RCM Blitz™, he has provided reliability training and consulting services to numerous companies around the world, large and small, including such Fortune 500 companies as Cargill, Whirlpool, Honda, Kraft-Heinz, Schlumberger, Corning, Invista, and Newmont Mining.
Doug has made key contributions to standard reliability measures for manufacturing, and reliability training programs worldwide. He has trained numerous client RCM Facilitators and performed RCM analyses on hundreds of pieces of manufacturing equipment.
Prior to his work as a consultant, Doug worked 19 years at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY in positions as a skilled tradesperson, lead person, Maintenance Supervisor, and Reliability Engineer.
Recognized as an Industry Expert, Doug has published over 50 articles, written two books, has been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences and Key Note Speaker for two Global Reliability Conferences.