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Episode 17: Rachael Johnson

Eric Bevevino | Contributing Host, Veterans Connected

Welcome to Episode 17 of The VETERANS CONNECTED! On today’s episode…

Welcome to VETERANS CONNECTED maintenance and reliability expert and military Veteran Eric Bevevino interviews military advocate Rachael Johnson. While working in naval aviation, Rachael felt immense pride after bringing an aircraft to operational status after it spent months as non-operational. It didn’t matter whether the aircraft was in a scheduled inspection, went “down” in some other state and needed a rescue, or saw the aircraft flying out to the carrier for their first day of certifications. It was working in aviation, where she also found that she loves having to think on her feet and adapt quickly to change. Tune in as they exchange their experiences and discuss the transition from the military to industry, and the paths and resources that led them to where they are today…

More about Rachael..

Rachael works for SKF as a Reliability Technician. She diagnoses machinery through the use of vibration analysis, thermography, and ultrasound inspections. She also gets to balance fans and help upkeep the database we use daily to store our data. Rachael recently earned her certification as a Category 3/Level 2 Analyst through Technical Associates of Charlotte and a Level 1 certification in Thermography through Snell. She gets to apply these skills as an on-site contractor for an iron mining and processing facility.

Rachael also spends her time as a peer mentor for those who are transitioning out of the military. When she first made the transition, she had help, and she doesn’t think she would be where she is today without that help. She feels that this is her chance to give back, but more importantly, she want to be that source of support when someone is making that transition.

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We hope you enjoy this episode!

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Eric Bevevino Contributing Host, Veterans Connected

Eric Bevevino has spent his entire 27 year career in the business of heavy duty maintenance and reliability.  Born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania, Eric is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Honoring his ROTC scholarship commitment to the US Navy, Eric spent four years on active duty as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer with a Diving and Salvage specialty.  Following his stint on active duty, Eric entered the private sector by taking a position with Castrol Industrial.  This five years with Castrol was followed by eight years with Chevron Lubricants.  Looking to gain more perspective while using his solid foundation in maintenance from the Navy, Eric left Chevron to join a small reliability consulting firm in Connecticut.  Over the next five years he focused on preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, reliability centered maintenance and best practices in asset management.  This ultimately led him to his current position at Valvoline as the Senior Director of Channel Partner & Heavy Duty Sales, officed out of Valvoline World Headquarters in Lexington, KY.   In the 31 years after graduating from college, Eric has set foot in almost every type of commercial and industrial operation in over 10 countries around the world.  Eric is a married father of two, a retired Navy Reserve Commander, a Certified Lubrication Specialist, a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional, and a Certified Reliability Leader.