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The Reliability Excellence Workbook From Ideas to Action

John L Ross | Owner, Maintenance Innovators, Inc.

The Reliability Excellence Workbook covers reliability (and other 4-letter words) in the context of creating a master strategy of continuous improvement.  Think of it as a truly interactive workbook—like MadLibs™ for maintenance and reliability professionals.

Reading this book is like having a seasoned reliability consultant sitting across the table, helping to drive your organization along a continuum of reliability improvement.  The author introduces a concept, provides space for readers to record their experiences and observations, offers anecdotal and tried and tested examples and approaches, and drives readers to potential customizable solutions.

This work helps maintenance and reliability professionals:

  • clearly understand their current situation.
  • plan a route to improvement and high performance.
  • develop the path forward, including how to articulate a compelling case for change to their supervisors.

With the combination of forms, tables, and discussions in this workbook along with readers’ own vision, they will create a working strategy they can continually use to grow and improve their business.

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