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The Productive Leadership System

Tom Moriarty | Author & President , Alidade MER, Inc.


All organizations are capable of overcoming the barriers that impede excellence.  But in order to do so, there must be a system in place.  The author has coined and trademarked the terms Productive Leadership Model™ (PLM), Productive Leadership System™ (PLS), and Organizational Reliability Model (ORM) to help create a framework, or reliability “ecosystem” within which senior leaders are accountable to identify and implement requirements such as:

  • Organizational objectives
  • The methods used to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • Policies, plans, processes, procedures and measures that inform other leaders what they are accountable for, with what assets/resources, and how their performance will be measured
  • Assets include personnel, equipment, tools, software, contractors, etc. needed to execute the guidance

Using this new ecosystem, Moriarty provides recommendations for a full Productive Leadership Development Program. This includes a Team Effectiveness and Motivation Survey (available on the affiliated website), along with ORM framework and standardized leadership training. Included are additional support materials such as ISO 55000 overview, the Guidance and Execution Model, an example of core management process, and a time log exercise to help track leadership role allocation and time management categorization.  There is even a smart phone app being developed with Productive Leadership features.

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