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Maintenance Management

Joel Levitt | , Springfield

Now in its second edition and written by a highly acclaimed maintenance professional, this comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource provides a short review of all the major discussions going on in the management of the maintenance function. This revision of a classic has been thoroughly updated to include advances in technology and thinking and is sure to be found useful by maintenance professionals everywhere. It’s the perfect reference for any maintenance professional that needs a quick update on any specific area within the subject.

  • Contains five entirely new chapters, including Dealing with Contracts, 5S, Lean Maintenance, PM Optimizing, and Fire Fighting.
  • Offers a complete survey of the field, an introduction to maintenance and a review of maintenance management.
  • Provides a manual for cost reduction and a primer for the stockroom.
  • Includes a training regime for new supervisors, managers and planners.


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