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B3 Electric Improves Safety, Builds Reputation, Saves Time

Gregory Perry | Sr. Capacity Assurance Consultant, Fluke Corporation

B3 Electric Improves Safety, Builds Reputation, Saves Time

B3 Electric, an electrical contractor for industrial businesses, helps clients troubleshoot electrical problems in buildings and equipment. The vision John Baker, B3 Electric’s founder and president, had when launching in 2013 included quality improvements, documentation structure, and professionalism as his top concerns.

Baker was facing problems with motors operating outside of normal parameters. Technicians would come out and replace components, but the problems were still occurring. It didn’t take long for Baker to try out an IIoT-connected, power monitor to client equipment.

“We could get remote notifications, develop reports, export data, make graphs and trend improvements as we made changes onsite,” Baker said. “That’s everything we were looking for.”

Improving Safety

Remote condition monitoring increases worker safety by keeping them out of hazardous environments as much as possible.

“It’s dangerous any time you’re working around electricity,” Baker cautioned. “You really have to be careful. Having the remote monitoring capacity gives you the ability to put the [device] in a dangerous area, but you don’t have to physically be there in arc flash gear.”

Using remote monitoring allows teams to view current asset status from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Simply connect the device to equipment and a Wi-Fi signal, and data will start streaming to the cloud.

“You just slip a [monitor] in there and watch it from somewhere else,” Baker concluded.

Saving time

By integrating power monitoring devices into his services, Baker and B3 have been able to increase offerings and build their reputation. Since devices are always on, B3 and their clients get a more complete picture of asset health than they would with spot measurements.

“The disadvantage [of manual routes] is that no one can recall a week later what is going on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. when a big current spike was recorded,” Baker related. “Having the information right now is extremely valuable. [The condition monitoring software] saves us a ton of time and cuts down on the number of on-site trips.”

Baker can even add members of the client’s team so that they receive push notifications about asset health.

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Gregory Perry Sr. Capacity Assurance Consultant, Fluke Corporation

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