Reliability as a Project – Does It Work?

Ron Moore | Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT

According to Professor Bent Flyvbjorg and Dan Gardner – authors of the book ‘How Big Things Get Done’ and in their study of over 16,000 projects only 8.5% of projects hit their targets on time and on budget. Other studies say even less hit their targets, with extraordinary budget and schedule overruns. So why do we hear time again that ‘Reliability Project XYZ’ failed to deliver, or we tried to implement “Reliability” years ago and got a few gains, but weren’t able to sustain it – the leader left, the consultant left, etc., and it no longer had a leader or champion. Can you imagine the consequences if we did that with safety, or environmental performance, or quality?

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Ron Moore Contributing Host, RELIABILITY CONNECT
  • Author of 1) Making Common Sense Common Practice; 2) What Tool? When? A Management Guide; 3) Where Do We Start Our Improvement Program?; 4) Business Fables & Foibles; 5) A Common Sense Approach to Defect Elimination; 6) Our Transplant Journey; and 70+ papers
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  • Managing Partner of The RM Group, Inc. for 27 years
  • Prior to consulting – President of Computational Systems, Inc. (CSI)