Major Impacts to CMMS and Manufacturing Maintenance

Alex Williams
Alex Williams | Director of Sales and Professional Services, DPSI

Question 1: What major factor or shift is impacting manufacturing maintenance today?

Advancements in manufacturing technology have caused CMMS to evolve.

Question 2: Exactly how have these technological changes impacted maintenance?

Changes in manufacturing technology have resulted in the need for technicians to possess additional skills, such as the use of diagnostic equipment and computers.

Question 3: How has advanced technology impacted your company, from a CMMS perspective?

CMMS solutions have evolved over time, and have become more sophisticated in order to accommodate the digital era and today’s vast data capabilities.

 Question 4: What are some of the challenges manufacturers may face in accomplishing their goals today?

Now that companies are collecting all of this data, who will be responsible for analyzing it and setting up the processes for handling each possible scenario that could occur? 

Question 5: What does the future hold in regard to manufacturing maintenance?

Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence systems will make many of the decisions needed and process data.


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Alex Williams
Alex Williams Director of Sales and Professional Services, DPSI

Alex Williams is the Director of Sales and Professional Services at DPSI, a provider of industry-leading CMMS and EAM software solutions. Alex has been in the maintenance and field service for over 27 years. He’s worked in a variety of roles including maintenance supervisor, lead field technician, technical trainer and software manager. He majored in Business Management with a minor in Computer Information Technology.